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Introduction to I-Tips by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Introduction to I-tips by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA 

About I-Tips

I-Tip hair extensions, sometimes called micro beads are actual beads that are used to add length and fullness to hair without using any heat or stickers. Suitable for most hair types, i-tips are easily put in and take less than 2.5 hours for a full head of application.

 The Method

I-Tips are applied using tiny beads that are threaded in with the hook for ring device and then flattened with the assembly pliers. Disassembly pliers are required to take extensions out. I-Tips must be slid back up to the scalp as they grow out and last for 3-6 months depending on how well they are taken care of.

Not only are I-Tips easy to apply but a full head of I-Tip hair can be completed in less than 2.5 hours. If you are unfamiliar with I-Tips and would like to try them out, please contact us and reserve your seat for an upcoming certification class.

For more information, to become certified in i-tip extensions, or to find an i-tip certified stylist near you, please contact us at or (248) 489-8900.



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Before/After Photos and a Testimonial From a Very Happy Client

“Last Thursday I got hair extensions put in my hair. I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about getting them. I hear a lot of people say that it’s bad for your hair and it will break off where the extensions go. I am 46 years old and have been going through a lot in the last 2 years. With the loss of my husband and along with the stress, I did not realize how thin I was getting on the top and the sides of my hair. When I got to see the before and after pictures of my hair I just about cried. The difference was just remarkable. I could not believe it, I had hair again!!! The extensions that were put into my hair made me feel young and beautiful and boosted up my confidence. I never thought I would have that feeling again until now. Wow, thank you so very much Vicky and Kelly! You guys did an amazing job on my hair and I don’t know how I could thank you guys enough. The reaction on other peoples faces when they see me, they just cant believe how much it looks so real and they cant even tell that the extensions are in. Thanks a lot for giving me back my confidence and making me feel beautiful again!!!”

This hair extension makeover shows the remarkable difference fusion extensions can make for those suffering with very fine hair or hair loss. In these before and afters, Vikki Humann Parman, co-owner of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, shows how skillful application of fine bonds can completely transform an individual’s image. Color and cut by Kelly D’Ambrosio.


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Increase Your Income Potential By Providing Hair Extension Services

Extend Your Potential Opportunities With Unique Service Advantages!

Professional salon hair extension services are hot and getting even more popular with celebrities as well as every day salon clients! There are often more hair extension companies exhibiting at the professional beauty trade shows across the globe than shampoo and appliance companies. Whereas several five to ten years ago there were only about 25 professional hair extensions companies here in North America, today there are almost 750. There is great and challenging news with this declaration.

Hair extensions are definitely much more main stream popular with women, men and teens to the Hollywood celebrities, beauty pageant contestants and TV news anchors. There are competitive advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that more people are now aware of the benefits of professional salon hair extensions. The downside is that you really must stand out by marketing yourself as a hair extensions expert. It’s time to not only get yourself and your entire team certified on hair extension artistry, you must really learn how to create a terrific marketing, advertising, promotional and PR campaign for this highly profitable and specialty salon service.

Hair Extension Marketing

Hollywood celebrities, musicians, beauty pageant queens and high profile women are definitely helping to make hair extensions the best and hottest new hair fashion trend again this year. Just watch the Red Carpet. You will see them at the Oscars, Emmys, and the MTV Awards as well as on Bachelorette, bachelor Pad and all of the newest reality TV shows. Stars like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and others often magically go from smooth and sleek looks to long voluminous looks overnight – while wonderfully taking advantage of today’s hair extension options. You should not be surprised to know that many of the male actors and musicians also now wear hair extensions From all reports and like creative haircolor, this progressive new salon hair service trend will continue for many more years to come. Today, professional hair extension services are being promoted for much more than length. You can help your female and male clients with new volume, texture, highlights, lowlights, multi-dimensional haircolor and even fantasy hair fashion artistry.

Define Your U.S.A. With Professional Hair Extensions: Do you have a salon service that you truly specialize in? Does your salon or day spa have and promote a specialty service? Do you know what your Unique Service Advantages are? Today, there are great salons on virtually every street corner, in every shopping center and mall across the globe. Everyone may be good at haircuts and haircolor, yet now is the time to take advantage of creating a special niche for yourself and your salon with professional salon hair extension services.

The Advantages With Many New Choices: Most salon clients do not really know to ask for a namebrand hair extensions company, service or products. Some of the very best known professional hair extension companies include Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Ultratress, Balmain, Cinderella, Hairlocs, Hairdreams, Great Lengths, HairUWear, SO.CAP. Euro, SO.CAP. Original, Klix, La Bella, Donna Bella Milan, Dream Catchers and the list goes on. You need to analyze the unique quality and benefits of each hair extensions’ brand, before you will be able to effectively market your specialty hair extension services and products. They really are not all the same! If you do not currently offer hair extensions in your salon, take the time to investigate these companies, while researching what comprehensive marketing, advertising and PR support they may be able to share with you. If you already do have hair extension services in your salon, make sure that your manufacturer and distributors are supporting you with both national and localized education as well as marketing programs.

Hair Extension Techniques ~ Clip On, Sticker & Fusion Bonds: You need to learn about all of the best hair extension application techniques and variables available, so that you may properly educate each of your clients. With all of the recent national media attention, most every woman understands clip on and adhesive hair pieces as well as the bonded hair extensions today. They are easy, inexpensive and temporary solutions with extremely competitive pricing. Many clients buy these synthetic hair clip-ons at their local drug stores, beauty stores and discounts stores, so you should not want to compete at that type of lower quality discount retail level.

Your hair extension consultations should begin with an explanation of the differences between clip-on, bonded and adhesive sticker techniques as well as the various warm and cold fusion hair extension bonding techniques. There are certainly plenty of options with synthetic versus human hair qualities as well as with a variety of hair extension equipment and bonding techniques. It usually stands to reason that the more expensive the equipment investment, the better quality the hair and equipment are. For example, Di Biase Hair Extensions USA offers very exciting warm and cold fusion techniques. Cold fusion bonding machines specially apply energy that softens the 100% keratin bond, forming a strong, invisible and long-lasting hold. This occurs without using any heat, which is often the preferred method for attaching hair extensions to thin, colored or chemically treated hair. It’s safe to the hair and scalp of your client, while also safe for you and your fingers. The bonds are stronger and the service is heat free.

Education & Certification: Vikki Parman, CEO of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, notes, “You really must take the time to become certified, so that you will be able to effectively perform and style your hair extension services while also learning how to best market them. Most professional hair extension companies offer one and two day certification classes as well as refresher and advanced workshop options. To be successful, you really must invest some of your time to educate yourselves and your clients. While researching the best available hands-on workshops, review each company’s website, background and media credentials. If you are already certified, you still really need to research reciprocity options, so that you will truly understand all of the products, techniques, advantages, benefits and options – if and when you determine to switch hair extension companies.”

Hair Extension Marketing Basics: It’s time to become respected as one of `THE top hair extensionists’ in your town, through a well supported marketing, advertising and PR campaign. If you already offer professional salon hair extensions, you now need to ensure that your local community knows this. Properly marketed, hair extension artistry will definitely make you and your salon highly respected. It will enhance staff and client recruitment. It will also make you much more profitable. You will need to create an annual hair extension marketing plan that is complete with advertising, promotions, printed merchandising materials, special events and media relations.

Hair Extension Brochures & Service Menus: Besides your traditional salon service menu, you should add one full section on your professional hair extensions. Like specialty haircolor services, consider creating a separate menu dedicated to your professional hair extension services and expertise. This menu should explain the many benefits, options and variables with your professional salon hair extensions. It should explain what to ask for, what to expect and how your client’s should take care of their new hair extensions at home between salon visits. Show off some of your best before and after hair extension makeover photographs.

Service & Pricing Strategies: There really are so many variable options to consider, when consulting with your clients. You may want to start with a portion of their heads while adding multi-dimensional haircolor highlight or lowlight accents. We recommend that you do not try to ‘sell’ hair extensions to someone. Take your time by analyzing all of each client’s personal needs and haircare desires during your preliminary haircare consultations. Determine their current haircare challenges. Offer customized hair extensions as the perfect solution to their personal hair challenges, whether it is for length, volume, texture, body or highlights. For example, if they want permanent haircolor and highlights, yet do not want bleach you can safely add multi-dimensional haircolor with hair extensions. If they have short hair, yet need long hair for a special event, prom or their wedding, you will still have the solution.

Do not worry about anyone else’s hair extension service prices. You should price your hair extension services in a competitive manner like you do for your haircuts and haircolor. By being competitive, you should offer a premier price, if you are one of the best or only hair extensionists in town. You really do not need to offer low prices or discounts with hair extensions. Do not try to undercut anyone else. You really need to value your premier hair extension products, your time and to respect your own talents.

Today, a full head of professionally bonded human hair extensions by a salon professional may be offered at anywhere from $1200 to $5500+ across North America. The reality is that an average full head of salon facilitated hair extensions today should sell between no less than $1500 to about $2000. Many salons are currently at the $1500 to $2000 price. $800 to $1000 is really much too cheap, when you consider the actual costs of the hair, the required equipment, educational certifications, inventory, your personal artistry, marketing support programs and most importantly the value of your time. There are many top hair designers that sell their haircuts at $65 to $85, haircolor highlights at $150 to $250 and their hair extensions at $2000 to $3500+. Today, many professional salon hair extensionists make well over $100,000 to $200,000 by specializing in this popular service. The choice is yours! Do you want to be respected as one of the best experts at hair extensions … or just another hairstylist who occasionally offers this as an extra service. Make a statement!

We strongly suggest that you promote your hair extension services at full price. If desired, you may want to offer a $100 or $200 gift certificate discount towards any new first-time full head of hair extensions. You can also offer a ‘Gift With Purchase’ by offering a large gift of professional home haircare products, tools and special hair extension safe hairbrushes with any full head of hair extensions. Cross market a discount on your hair extensions with gift card sales for other salon and spa services.

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Protect your hair against winter weather!

Natural hair & hair extensions need to be properly cared for in cold dry weather

Winter is a beautiful season that usually brings enjoyable images of white fluffy snow and hot chocolate to mind. On the other side, with winter also comes chapped lips, chapped hands, static cling and dried out everything, including your hair. This list provides useful tips from Vikki Parman of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA to help prevent damage to your hair, whether it be your own hair or your professional salon hair extensions. While hair designers often take many of these basic professional practices for granted, it is extremely important to visit with your hair designer for a consultation about proper winter haircare.

Though Tempting, Avoid Bringing The Heat: It will be very tempting during the coldest months of the year to take a very hot shower. This should be avoided. Washing your hair in high temperatures will be very damaging. It is best to wash your hair in more moderate temperatures.

Do Not Over Wash: Washing your hair everyday may seem like a good idea, yet doing so actually strips the natural oils from your scalp and hair. If daily washing is necessary, use the mildest professional shampoo possible, while also using a complete haircare regimen specifically prescribed for your hair type and hair extensions.

Avoid Overheating: When styling your hair with hot tools, it is best to not use a high temperature setting. Use your haircare appliances with professional products that contain thermal barriers within them to protect your hair from the heat. Hot tools may sizzle some of the moisture out of your hair and dry it out. Hairstyling this way should not be done daily to prevent hair from becoming frizzy, dry and brittle.

Safe & Secure Hair: Sometimes it is necessary to secure your hair back with bobby pins or with an elastic hair tie. When using a hair tie, it is best to use ones that have no metal components, because they may further damage hair that is even slightly affected by the winter weather.

Conditioner Treatments: A professional salon hair conditioning treatment regimen will be essential in the winter. Instant leave-in conditioners will help keep your frizz down. It will also restore moisture throughout the day, while a regular conditioner can be used during showers and as a treatment. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are especially important during this time of year, no matter what hair type you have. Don’t forget to ask your hairdresser how to maintain a healthy scalp. Your scalp may become irritated by dry winter weather. Avoid dry flaky scalps by getting hydrating and stimulating salon scalp treatments. This is the perfect time for to ask your salon professional about a customized conditioning treatment that will be perfect for you, your hairstyle and lifestyle.

Outdoor Protection: Covering your hair while outside in the elements is very important to help retain moisture in your hair. This also will help to keep down unwanted frizz and static. Wrapping your hair in a scarf, covering it in a hat or hood are all good ideas when outside. Coverings made with silk or satin linings are better for your hair, because they will not absorb moisture and rub the hair together causing damage like wool, cotton or many other fibers can. Ask your salon for recommendations for the best fashionable scarves and hats to protect your hair.

Don’t Go Outside With Wet Hair: You may not catch pneumonia when going outside with wet hair, yet you must know that the challenging winter elements may still damage your hair. Your hair could freeze, when going outside with damp hair in freezing weather. Water expands when frozen. If your hair has absorbed the moisture, then it will be damaged. In the winter, you will always need to dry your hair thoroughly, before going outside. Ask your hair designer to recommend a protein-rich moisturizing shampoo and conditioner with an extra leave-in conditioner that you can apply before using a blow-dryer on your hair at home between salon visits.

Compatible Hairstyling: If you live in an area that gets cold enough during the winter that you will need to wear a hat most of the time, then very full voluminous curls may not always be the best hairstyle for the season. Ask your salon professional to recommend a hairstyle that will be compatible with your winter needs to ensure that you will have easier haircare maintenance and less frustrating hair days.

Don’t Leave Home Without It: There are some items that are a good idea for you to have at all times during the winter season. A small bottle of leave-in conditioner and a small bottle of hairspray should be in your purse. Besides static from winter wear, your hair may build up a static charge during the winter months just from walking across a carpet. Keeping that small can of professional hairspray on-hand will help in times when you notice the static building. Hairspray will negate the static charge and will help keep your hair smooth and tame even in the most shocking situations.

Timely Trims: Since the winter may leave your hair breaking and splitting, it is very important to have regular haircuts to keep your hair at it healthiest. During the winter months, most women are more likely to use blow-dryers and hot tools without the protective thermal barrier products, which may cause more breakage. During the winter, you should get a haircut no less than every 6 to 8 weeks in order to keep your hair looking stylish, healthy and clean.

Join The Extended Revolution! Ask your professional hair designer for a hair extensions consultation, to explore the many creative options available to you today. Di Biase Hair Extensions USA are used by many salons, as well as by many Hollywood celebrities. For more information on Di Biase Hair Extensions USA and to find an affiliated salon with certified hair extensionists near you, call 248-885-4748 and email: Visit:

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Di Biase Hair Extension USA Liquid Line Products


If you have hair extensions, its important to keep them healthy so they last as long as possible. Unlike your natural hair, Hair extensions do not get the oil from your scalp that is needed to keep the hair healthy and conditioned. Di Biase has a wonderful line of products that are specially made for hair extensions. Although I love all of the Di Biase products, I have narrowed it down to my 3 favorites: The Di Biase conditioner, detangler, and professional hair brush. These products are AMAZING!

When Vikki Parman, Co- Owner of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA gave me the conditioner, she said to me: “This conditioner will make your hair feel like no ever conditioner you have ever used before.” She was right! The conditioner comes in a liquid form that you spray on the hair after shampooing. It works immediately to detangle the hair and it leaves your hair extensions so soft and manageable. it worked better than any other conditioner I have used.

The detangler works on both wet and dry hair. It is non-oily and makes brushing your hair like a dream. It is by far the best detangler that I have ever owned. After I towel dry my hair, I will spray the detangler on the ends of my hair in three layers then I will brush through with my Di Biase brush, starting at the ends and working my way up. On the days I don’t shampoo my hair I will spray it on my hair just to make it feel extra soft.

The Di Biase hair brush contains soft bristles that you can brush directly on the scalp. It detangles and smooths the hair. It is a must for hair extensions because it won’t pull or tug on the bonds.

I love these products and I highly recommend them to anyone who has hair extensions! If you would like more information on the products or would like to place an order, Please email or call Di Biase Hair USA directly at (248)489-8900.