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Up Your Extension Game With 1G Fusion Extensions

Are you looking for an even fuller and thicker look for your client’s hair? Would you like to create a beautiful transformation in less time and using less hair? Then our premium 1G Fusion Extensions are the answer you’ve been looking for.

1G fusion hair extensions weigh 1 gram and are used for an even fuller and thicker appearance than regular fusion extensions. 1G fusion hair uses the same durable bonds as regular fusion hair but will take less time to apply since the hair is heavier, so not as much is needed.

It is applied on a lock-by-lock basis and comes in a pack of 20 locks, with a lock consisting of multiple strands of double drawn hair joined by a think keratin-bonding strip. The stylist will individually attach each lock to the client’s hair and apply the hot tool to the bond. These extensions should last 4-6 months and will eventually need to be replaced as the normal hair grows out.

Our 1G hair only comes in straight but is available in either 40cm or 50cm, letting you pick the length that is best for your client. Try the premium hair today and see the difference for yourself!