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The Perfect Way to Introduce Di Biase Extensions in Your Salon!

Interested in getting started with hair extensions but not sure where to start? An intro kit is a great way to get a head start with all of the tools and supplies you need to get started as a professional hair extensionist. Check out the kits below to see what is included in each kit and feel free to get in touch with us should you have any questions!

I-Tip Kit

Everything a professional extensionist needs to complete I-Tip application and disassembly. Includes the following 3 tools:

Hook for Ring:

A hair extensionist must have for I-Tip extension application. With a hook on one end and a loop on the other, this tool makes it easy for stylists to apply I-Tip extensions on client’s hair. With a comfortable grip in the center and a durable sturdy base, you can quickly and effectively move through the application process.

Assembly Pliers:

After application of the bead with the hook for ring, use the assembly pliers to securely clamp the client’s hair in place using these assembly pliers. Only for use with I-Tip hair application. Disassembly pliers are required to remove extensions. 

Disassembly Pliers

To disassemble I-Tip hair, use these pliers to gently glide bonds out of hair for painless and damage free removal of extensions.


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Fusion Kit

Everything a stylist needs to get started with Di Biase fusion hair extensions! Kit includes:

  • Square black velvet box
  • All natural color ring with over 50 colors
  • Professional Di Biase extension hot tool
  • Keratin remover solution
  • Application pliers
  • Disassembly pliers
  • Circle spacers
  • 10 pieces of training hair

Plus 20% off your first order (up to 10 packs of hair.)



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Tape-In Kit

Everything a stylist needs to get started with Di Biase sticker/tape-in hair extensions! Kit includes:

  • Apron with Di Biase Hair USA logo and pockets*
  • All natural color ring with over 50 colors
  • Sticker application pliers
  • Sticker remover
  • Two rolls re-application tape

20% off the first order (up to 10 packs of hair)

We recommend using 2-3 packs of 2cm hair hair and 1-3 packs of 4cm to complete one head of hair.

*Di Biase Hair USA apron not pictured



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