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Di Biase Hair Extensions USA is proud to be represented by its partner in education, Maria Rose Inspires

Maria combines over 12 years in beauty school education with a track record across 50 states with over 10,000 students trained.  She is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education possible, tailored to the needs of the cosmetology student who is seeking an additional source of revenue and the prestige of being able to perform an advanced and specialized service.  Her team of educators is particularly attuned to work with cosmetology schools and you will find them receptive and flexible in working within your school’s agenda.

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Education is the core of any industry. In the cosmetology industry, if you do not learn the correct way to do a certain service, then your clients will be left feeling dissatisfied, upset, and discouraged! We do NOT want that. We want to make our clients happy and joyful! We want to bring smiles to every face! I found that there were (and still are) way too many hair extensionists and hair extension education companies that were applying hair extension incorrectly. There are several education companies who just want you to purchase their products, however they have to “train” you first before you buy them. So, they quickly train you (i.e., Online certifications) in order to turn a profit on the merchandise you purchase afterward. This INFURIATES me. In addition, the “rolling” technique for the keratin bonds is a HUGE NO NO! It not only damages the hair, it is also uncomfortable and difficult to remove. Learning the rolling technique is quick, and easy. However, IT IS WRONG. I knew there had to be a change in hair extension education, and that is EXACTLY what I did!

I make sure each student and stylist that takes our class is taught PROPERLY. We spend adequate time educating how to apply these hair extensions so that they are weightless, comfortable, damage free, and undetectable in the client’s hair. I am extremely thankful that God is using me to instill inspiration in others. This is a calling I am grateful for! I will always do my very best to encourage others to expand their knowledge and skills in the beauty industry!

Maria Rose Inspires Owner/Master Educator 
Master Hair Extension Specialist

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