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Check out the beautiful winners of the 2017 pageant season who are wearing Di Biase hair extensions.

The following queens have all worn Di Biase Hair Extensions:

Mrs. United States Pageant Winners
Mrs. United States 2016 Ashley Stremme
Mrs. United States 2015 Katie Garza

Miss State Teen
Miss Texas Teen USA 2016 Karlie Hay
Miss Texas Teen USA 2015 Chloe Kembel
Miss Texas Teen USA 2014 Kellie Stewart
Miss Texas Teen USA 2013 Daniella Rodriguez

Miss State USA
Miss Texas USA 2016 Daniela Rodriguez
Miss Texas USA 2015 Ylianna Guerra
Miss Texas USA 2014 Lauren Guzman

Miss South Dakota 2014 Brittney Palmer

Miss Michigan 2014 KT Maviglia

Miss Teen USA
Miss Teen USA 2016 Karlie Hay
Miss Teen USA 2015 Katherine Haik

Other Pageants
Miss Teen Texas United States 2014 Kelly Cleland
Mrs. Michigan International 2017 Melissa Pocza

Mrs. America Pageant
Mrs. America 2015 Michelle Evans
Mrs. America 2014 Austen Williams

State Pageant Winners
Mrs. Oklahoma 2016 Beth Isbell
Mrs. Oklahoma 2015 Rebekah Wheeler
Mrs. Oklahoma 2013 Michelle Evans

Mrs. Indiana 2017 Mekayla Eppers

Mrs. Virginia 2015 Jatana Jackson
Mrs. Virginia 2014 Danette Anderson
Mrs. Virginia 2012 Brandi Pope

Mrs. Delaware 2014 Megan Warnick

Mrs. Maine 2016 Jessica Snowdeal

Mrs. Texas 2016 Sissy Hester
Mrs. Texas 2015 Melissa Pocza
Mrs. Texas 2014 Whitney Beseda
Mrs. Texas 2013 Austen Williams

Mrs. Delaware 2015 Alina Pfifer

















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