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Extensions for Thinning Hair

Extensions can be a great solution to thinning hair. You just want to make sure that the extensions don’t damage the hair, they should be the solution to thinning hair, not a cause. Finding an extensions that is lightweight, hides well and won’t put stress on the natural hair is a daunting task. Luckily Di Biase Fusion Hair Extensions are the solution you are looking for.

With proper application, care and Di Biase’s combination of ultra thin bonds and unique flat wrap technique, people with thinning hair can now safely grow out their hair without damage or hair loss.

Thinning hair can be devastating to patients who are suffering from thinning hair or hair loss. For those who have 4 inches or more, extensions can be a life changing solution that restores both confidence and hope for the individual.

Di Biase bonds are specially formulated to work in unison with our unique flat wrap technique for gentle, comfortable and virtually undetectable bonds. Unlike other hair extension brands, Di Biase bonds are extremely fine, causing less stress on the scalp and preventing damage. Di Biase extensions also weigh less, which prevents pulling. A good hair care regime of thorough, gentle washing with the proper products, brushing and then putting hair into a ponytail or braid at night will make for happy and healthy hair!

Skillful application of fine bonds can completely transform an individual’s attitude and give them back the confidence they want. Below are a few common questions that we receive from people looking into hair extensions.

  • Will it hurt or damage my hair?

No, with proper application and home care, Di Biase Hair Extensions will not damage the natural hair. Extensions should absolutely never hurt during or after the application process. Removal and re-application is a painless process.

  • Can you treat it like your own hair?

Yes, however, it is important to remember to take care of extensions carefully. For example, when working shampoo and conditioner into the hair and scalp, please remember to be gentle and work it in more gently than you would regular hair. You may also put heat and style your hair as you normally would, but never put heat directly on the bonds. Also, please avoid putting products with oil close to your scalp. The better that you take care of your extensions, the longer life span that they have.

  • Can you see or feel the extensions?

When properly applied, hair extensions and bonds will not be seen. Our unique application technique creates a virtually undetectable bond for any type of hair. Only under detailed close-up inspection will the extensions be visible.

Restore your clients confidence by giving them the hair they dreamed of while helping their natural hair grow out long and strong with our Fusion Extensions.