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Which Extension is Right for You?

Here at Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, we offer a variety of application types so there’s fit for every extension need.

Which one is best for you?


I- Tip Hair Extensions:

I- Tip extensions can also be referred to as mircobeads and do not require any type of heat or stickers for application. Stylists will use tiny beads that are threaded in with the extension using a special device and then flattened with pliers. I-Tips must be slid back up to the scalp as they grow out and last for 3-6 months depending on how well they are taken care of. These extensions are extremely versatile and can be used on almost any type of hair.


Fusion Hair Extensions: 

Ideal for all hair types, fusion hair is a perfect solution for thinning hair as it is gentle, comfortable, and virtually undetectable. Our unique flat wrap bond technique ensures that the bonds will not be felt and only seen under close inspection. These will last about 4-6 months and cannot be reused. Worn by beauty queens, models, personal trainers, and many others, you can count on fusion extensions to give you the look and confidence you desire.


Sticker/ Tape-In Extensions:

This is the only system that allows you to carry out a complete set of extensions in under an hour with no use of special equipment. It’s soft and flexible tabs make for comfortable wear and fast application. These extensions are also reusable multiple times depending on how well they are taken care of. Ultra thin double adhesive tape sticks to the natural hair and lasts about 4-6 weeks depending on client care. It’s non damaging, but should not be used on thinning hair as it is heavier than fusion hair. This convenient method is affordable for both stylist and client.