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Chemical Free Haircolor is Now a Reality

Get Chemical free haircolor without harming the environment.

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The quickest way to get the haircolor results you desire without damaging your hair and the environment is with professional salon hair extensions. Ask your hair stylist how to take advantage of hair extensions as an alternative to chemical haircolor. Di BIase Hair Extensions USA offers hair extensions that are safe for your health without causing repercussions to the ecosystem.

Vikki Parman, CEO of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA shares, “Hair extensions are the perfect way to help introduce highlights, lowlights, or fantasy colors without any bleach or haircolor chemistry. The fantasy options are a great addition for a fun look during a party or special event. Try one streak or multiple streaks for a fun new look that requires no bleach or harsh chemicals, meaning no damage to the hair. Many teens, athletes and fans of all ages like to have a few streaks of fantasy haircolor to go with their team colors for sporting events, class reunions, to match prom dresses as well as just for fun”.

The Lowdown on Hair Color Dyes: Most people have no idea what ingredients are in their hair dye. what those chemicals can do to their health and the environment. Many look at the box and see a bunch of unpronounceable words. Worse yet, they may ask a hairstylist who noncommittally shrugs. Why chose to ignore products what could damage your health or the future of the ecosystem?

By taking a closer look at common ingredients in hair dyes, you will gain a deeper understanding of why hair extensions are the safer choice when it comes to haircolor. One common component of hair dye is ammonia which is an environmental toxin and highly harmful to aquatic life. The next chemicals that are quite common in dye are benzene, which is extremely toxic to the environment and coal tar. Coal tar is a known carcinogen, highly toxic to the environment and has been banned in several states when used as a pavement sealcoat. Additionally, hair dyes contain lead acetate, which is bad for the environment and can result in lead poisoning. A common compound known as p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and also referred to as p-Diaminobenzene, oxidation dye, amino dye and paradye, has strong links to cancer and is harmful to the environment, particularly marine life. Used to improve color adhesion and add gloss, is the environmentally toxic toluene which can increase cell mutations and cause cancer in animals. Repeated exposure can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.

Always In Style Haircolor: Creative color is a huge aspect of the most current hairstyle trends and will accent any great haircut. you will always be able to make a big difference in your hair and image with haircolor artistry. An exciting new trend this eyar is haircolor without the use of chemicals. Semi-permanent and temporary hair extensions are among the top choices for haircolor without chemicals. Fantasy haircolor shades have become a bigger trend in the pasty couple of years for fashionable women of all age. Try some of the bold reds and blues to give your hair an edgy appearance or for a softer look, there is an array of pastel options. There are always the more saturated bright haircolor shades that may be added in the salon with bonded, adhesive or clip-in hair extensions!

Parman notes, “Try something different with a few hair extension accent pieces every few months to stay fashionable. Whether you try pink for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day and for special events, the seasonal opportunities are endless. Wearing colorful salon clip in, adhesive or bonded hair extensions as accents will show off your fashionable opetions, as well as to build your stylish image and self- confidence!

Join the Extended Revolution! Di Biase Hair Extensions USA offers a wide variety of 100% human Remy Hair extensions with bonded, adhesive and clip-in application techniques. To find a salon near you and for more information on Di Biase Hair Extensons USA, Call 248-885-4748 or visit