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Get Fusion Certified on June 10th & 11th!

About the Class:

Get fusion application certified and an overview in Tape-In/Sticker and I-Tip extensions. Water tolerant & high quality, Di Biase extensions use a unique flat wrap technique to ensure virtually undetectable, flexible bonds that are exceptional in comfort and durability. The Di Biase Fusion class covers everything you need to know to get started as a fusion hair extenionist from washing, prepping, consultation and pre-cutting, to installation, post cutting and how to market hair extensions for the most profit. This class also goes over the technique for tape-in/sticker and i-tip extensions. Taught by a certified hair extension stylist, you will walk away with all of the skills and knowledge you need to get started with your own hair business.

Please note, if these dates do not work for you, please email or call us at (248) 489-8900 and we can set up a different training day for you.

About Fusion Extensions:

Fusion hair is applied on a lock by lock basis. Extensions come in packs of 20 locks, with a lock consisting of multiple strands of double drawn hair joined together by a thin keratin bonding strip. The stylist will individually attach each lock to the client’s hair (near the base of the neck) through use of heating pliers (hot tool) applied to the keratin bond. Fusion extensions should last approximately 4-6 months and will eventually need to be replaced as the normal hair grows out.

The research carried out in the laboratory of Di Biase has always been the strong point of Di Biase Hair. Today, Di Biase boasts an innovative element that brings to the forefront the scientific expertise of the research team of the company: from the laboratory of Di Biase Hair comes the line “Hair Waterproof”. A new patented process that allows the bonds to be more tolerant of water from swimming and saunas. All fusion extensions come in 20 bonds per 1 pack of hair.

Fusion hair is available in different lengths: 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch in straight, wavy and curly.


What should I bring into the event?

  1. A thin metal tipped rat tail or highlighting comb
  2. A dozen each of small and large 1 prong type metal cutting clips
  3. An old pair of scissors or crafting nippers. (Michael’s & Joanne’s craft shears work great)
  4. Cutting comb
  5. Flat iron
  6. Scissors and razor for cutting hair on mannequin

PLEASE NOTE: This class is on BOTH Sunday AND Monday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm both days.




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Spotlight on Our National Beauty School Educators Allied Beauty

If you’ve ever sat through a certification class where you’ve struggled to stay focused, then you know the importance of a great educator. Cosmetology schools across the country are always on the lookout for the most useful information to provide their students.  While honest and worthwhile certification can be hard to find, we want to take a second to applaud the team who truly go above and beyond what a stylist ordinarily expects in class. The incredible instructors at Allied Beauty Educators are the nationwide education team that provides thousands students a year the opportunity to learn hair extensions. Specializing in cosmetology school education and traveling coast to coast, Allied is a nonstop force that encourages stylists to step out of their comfort zones and experiment with different hair extension techniques. Allied uses Di Biase hair extensions to teach proper application techniques and instructs students on how to perfect their craft. With follow up classes, marketing techniques and individualized attention, Allied students can go out into the world confidently and with a passion for extensions that shines in their work.

Allied Beauty Educators is the real deal. The hands on training program they have designed is born of real world experience and a passion for teaching and encouraging people. They strive to empower future stylists not only with practical skills but also self-confidence and enthusiasm. They have trained in some of the finest schools and academies in the Eastern U.S. and are building relationships coast to coast.

We sat down with Maria Picard, head educator at Allied Beauty who helped us understand the company a bit better and everything that goes into a cosmetology school class.

How did Allied Beauty get started?  Allied Beauty Educators was founded in 2011 as an independent advanced learning company. “Every advanced learning course I took seemed like an elaborate sales pitch that I actually had to pay money to hear.” Maria says. “I always came away from those classes thinking that I had to buy whatever inventory or starter package the instructor was selling in order to complete my training and I thought I could ONLY use the brand of product that I was “trained” to use. My first few hair extension jobs were not without their challenges. I quickly figured out that my training had some holes in it!” So, with help and advice from her family, Allied Beauty Educators was born. Maria’s mother Michelle, an experienced lecturer and educator, works in the company as well. “Right now our focus is on hair extensions and all that goes along with that segment of our industry.” says Michelle. “Maria is quite an accomplished extensionist and actively services clients from all over. Sometimes I have to re-arrange our training and travel schedule to allow for her busy retail business. I think that fact alone legitimizes us as a superior training company. We are always up to date with the most current processes, products, and retail trends. In other words, we practice what we preach.”

What is the history of the brand? After college was over and done, Maria saw the strong need for good education in the beauty industry! She constantly saw her friends and family receive poor hair extensions applications in their hair! She went right into beauty school, and graduated with a vision of changing the hair extension education in the cosmetology industry.

What is your favorite part about teaching? Maria absolutely LOVES connecting on a deeper level with the students and stylists. She loves to see how happy they are to be advancing their cosmetology careers by taking he hair extension certification class. Their smiles puts a smile on her face!

For someone interested in taking a class with Allied, what can they expect to get out of a class? You can expect to get the BEST education. This certification class is filled with hands on application, personal hair extension advice, and long term support from the Allied Beauty team! You will not leave the class lacking confidence! You will feel confident, and ready to do extensions!

What is the best tip you can give to someone who is still a beginner at extensions? The biggest tip that we can offer anyone who is still a beginner is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!!!!! It is extremely important that you are always fine tuning your technique, and always utilizing Maria and her team for advice! We also encourage everyone to take the free refresher courses that we offer anyone who has already taken a course 🙂

If you are interested in pursuing education with Allied Beauty, please contact them at the addresses below.


Phone: 508-397-9714


Allied Beauty’s Promise to Their Clients:


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5 Tips to Boost Hair Extension Sales

1. Advertise on Your Website

  • Online visibility is everything. Make it easy for clients to find your extension services by creating a dedicated page for your extensions, including before and afters, on your salon website. By doing this, you are separating the extension services, giving it an exclusive feel and drawing more attention to the service. If you don’t know how to build a website, there are lots of helpful sources that make it easy to create and populate a page with relevant content. Sites such as allow anyone to quickly and easily create a website without having any web experience. After you make your website, take it to the next level by adding your social media pages. If you don’t have social media, take a look at the next tip.

2. Utilize Social Media

  • The first thing that people do when they find out about your salon is look you up online, making attractive social media pages critical to promote new business. At a minimum, create a Facebook and Instagram page with your salon logo and contact information so clients can easily locate you and find out what your salon is all about. When you have created this, populate the page with before and afters, videos, client selfies and any other content that showcases the services that you offer.

3. Use Advertising Materials In Or Near Your Salon

  • When you have a client in your chair, use the opportunity to show them how amazing hair extensions can be. Have a brochure or flyer nearby that is easily displayed and can pique the interest of your client without having to do any extra work. Another example would be to have a slideshow or hair extension video playing on salon screens. Displaying signage, banners, posters or flyers in the salon are all great ways to attract those already in or near your salon. If your salon is on a busy street, put something on the windows so that people on foot are immediately attracted to what your salon has to offer. Try utilizing a variety of materials to see what works best for your salon.

Featured image: Gina Ralston at Belleza Salon of O’Fallon MO uses a Di Biase decal on her car to advertise Di Biase extensions on the go! This is a great example of utilizing marketing materials anywhere you are. You can order Di Biase marketing materials by contacting us at

4. Offer Promotions and Discounts

  • Once you have someones interest, draw them in fully by offering an exclusive deal on extensions. Percentage discounts, free products and discounted services are all common discount methods that help to bring clients in. Use specials and discounts to your advantage by advertising them on your website and social media pages and giving people a reason to talk about your salon.

5. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Word-of-Mouth

  • Encourage those who do have extensions to share them with their friends and family. A great way to spread the word is simply to get people talking! Wherever you go and whatever you do, talk about your extensions, especially if you wear them yourself. Hearing and seeing great hair will get others excited about hair extensions and having them want extensions for themselves!

For more information and a more in depth look on how to reach a wider audience, click here to access an article from Di Biase COO, Dale Aho who gives tips on “Making Your Hair Extension Business A Profit Powerhouse.” Have your own tip or something you wanted to share with stylists who are looking to bring in more business? Comment below with what has worked for your salon!

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Hints On Growing Your Hair Extension Business

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA is extremely grateful to our clients who have given us their ideas to help their fellow stylists in increasing their hair extension income. We fully appreciate and welcome any and all ideas that you may have to continue adding to this list. All of these were submitted from a variety of hairdressers around the nation and utilize unique marketing strategies to promote their hair extension business. If you have thoughts of your own that you might like to share we would fully appreciate hearing from you. Please email hints or questions to

* If you can, wear your hair extensions as a stylist. Having them in your own hair helps show the client then and there what it’s like to have extensions and builds trust between you and the other person. Try to get others in your salon to wear them and talk about them.

* Work together with other reps of beauty businesses in spreading the word about your business. Examples include Avon, Pure Romance, Mary Kay.

* Throw little meet and greet or demo events to explain how extensions work to others and go over the different types of hair and methods of application. These can also be for other stylist or clients.

* Do small teasers with a fun color or fill-in on the sides of the head to show how extensions help to give fullness as well as length.

* Put extensions in a bartender’s hair and have them show their hair off at work. By doing this, they are creating a conversation starter with the many people that they serve.

*Run colored extensions as a fundraiser. That will help raise money and gain extension awareness.

*Use the Mirror Clings in your salon to introduce extensions to people who might not know what they are yet.

*See if you can display one of the Di Biase posters in your salon. People notice it and may start to ask questions about extensions.

* Offer to put in a couple bonds into someone hair who might have thinning hair, thyroid issues etc. This will give them an idea of how it might be to have more hair and will typically want to try even more afterwards.

* Advertise on the salon social media pages page and post before and afters. Make sure that you include the hashtags #dibiasehairusa or #dibiaseextensions and tag Di Biase so that we may share it with our clients as well.

* Create a sign at the front desk with the following question/concept: “Are you troubled with your thinning hair? Would you love to have long hair and could never get it to the length you want to? Ask Me.”

* Take Di Biase’s advanced class and then become a part of the American Hair Loss Council. Broadcast this to your clients. Contact dermatologists in your area and let them know you can make a difference with some of their clients.

* Ask potential clients to check out the Di Biase website and social media.

* Put a mirror cling in the back window of your car with contact information.

* Have a printout ready for all clients that explain the extension process along with the breakdown of prices. If you are able to explain how extensions work, it is more likely that they will order extensions from you.

* If the stylists that wear extensions at the salon send me two extension clients, I put their extensions in for free the next set. I usually charge them $100-$200. You should never do extensions for free unless you trade services.

* No matter where you are, try to bring up extensions in some way. Show people how passionate you are about your work. This will radiate and others will become interested in looking into transformations for themselves.

* Play a slideshow of your extension work on an iPad at your station every day. This catches not only your client’s eye in my chair but the other stylists’ clients who are walking by my station.

* Work bridal expos and any type of event around the community that women attend. Put extensions in a model while this is going on to show how they work.

* Cross advertise with a boutique or store next-door to the salon in order to promote both of our businesses.

* Take your color ring with you everywhere you go. This way you can do consultations on the spot, no matter where you are.

* Advertise if you have the budget. This can be through magazines, online or any advertising medium that fits your audience.

* Create nice looking brochures and flyers to hand out when people ask about your salon or hair extensions. Hand out your cards stating that you’re a professional extensionist at every opportunity you have.

Many people focus on how to get new clients in for full heads of hair extensions, but it doesn’t have to be where you count on your extension money coming from.

Consider focusing on a much smaller price point, which is a much easier sell. Clients complaining about the thinness of their hair, or the lack of defined layers in their hairstyle are actually prime candidates for hair extensions. The smaller selling price for partial heads is much easier for clients to wrap their head around. When you have a client complain about a hair issue you could fix with extensions, that’s your way in. Follow up with phrases like: have you considered trying hair extensions to solve that? Did you know hair extensions could be used to add thickness without needing to add length? Has anyone ever told you about using hair extensions to fill gap layers on fine hair? Your partial head hair extension clients are actually your best marketing tools since they are the ones who will be referring other people to you.

Whatever method you choose, stay open minded and creating in your marketing strategies. The same thing that worked for one person might not work for another so don’t get discouraged. Most importantly, keep expanding your client base and don’t settle. Good luck to you all!

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Live Life to the Fullest with Di Biase Hair Extensions

Danielle Natoni Collage

Live Life to the Fullest with Di Biase Hair Extensions

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a physically active lifestyle while maintaining hair extensions? Or whether your natural hair will continue growing or get damaged if you have hair extensions? Danielle Natoni demonstrates how Di Biase hair extensions seamlessly blend into her physically challenging workouts and daily routines. Check out this fitness powerhouse who brings the fire in her exercises while maintaining her fabulous Di Biase hair extensions yet is able to experience natural and healthy hair growth throughout. Hair is done by hairstylist Benjamin Hudgins.

Durable Enough For Tough Workouts

Danielle Natoni aka Fit & Funky is a format expert for Beach Body, a cast member of Asylum Volume 2 and INSANITY Master Trainer among many other impressive titles in the fitness community. Despite having a busy and exercise-focused lifestyle, Danielle is able to easily maintain her hair in between workouts while simultaneously growing out her natural hair. If anyone puts our extensions to the test, it is Danielle! With daily vigorous exercise and long busy days, our durable extensions are put through the ringer and stand up to challenging workouts.


Danielle raves, “When people ask you daily what you did to get your hair to grow so quickly, you know your extensions look real! I could not be happier with my Di Biase extensions. I am in the fitness industry and wear my hair up and down, and workout and sweat daily, and yet my hair looks picture perfect no matter what!” 

See Natural Hair Growth with Di Biase Extensions

The pictures above show Danielle’s transformation by talented stylist Benjamin Hudgins. The first picture is Danielle’s hair without any extensions back in January 2016. She then had her first application of extensions. The second picture is from April 2016 after the first removal of extensions, before the next set went in. You can already tell that the hair is growing while the extensions were in Danielle’s hair. The last picture is from August 2016 and as you can tell, the hair is still healthy, strong and growing long!

How It Works

Because our extension bonds are extremely fine and light, they allow for regular hair growth. Hair is bonded near the root using keratin that makes it easy for hair to twist, turn and follow its natural growth pattern. The combination of flat and fine bonds prevents any unnatural pulling. It is important to remember that a proper hair care regime is crucial in the hair growing process. Extensions require daily maintenance of brushing, gliding fingers through hair and avoiding heat on the bonds or any products heavy in oil, especially near the scalp. With proper care, clients can use extensions while hair grows out naturally until they get the length they are looking for.


For more information about our extensions or to find a certified stylist in your area, please contact us at (248) 489-8900 or

Danielle Natoni:

Hairstylist Ben Hudgins:

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Introduction to I-Tips by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Introduction to I-tips by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA 

About I-Tips

I-Tip hair extensions, sometimes called micro beads are actual beads that are used to add length and fullness to hair without using any heat or stickers. Suitable for most hair types, i-tips are easily put in and take less than 2.5 hours for a full head of application.

 The Method

I-Tips are applied using tiny beads that are threaded in with the hook for ring device and then flattened with the assembly pliers. Disassembly pliers are required to take extensions out. I-Tips must be slid back up to the scalp as they grow out and last for 3-6 months depending on how well they are taken care of.

Not only are I-Tips easy to apply but a full head of I-Tip hair can be completed in less than 2.5 hours. If you are unfamiliar with I-Tips and would like to try them out, please contact us and reserve your seat for an upcoming certification class.

For more information, to become certified in i-tip extensions, or to find an i-tip certified stylist near you, please contact us at or (248) 489-8900.



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Chemical Free Haircolor is Now a Reality

Get Chemical free haircolor without harming the environment.

As featured on the

The quickest way to get the haircolor results you desire without damaging your hair and the environment is with professional salon hair extensions. Ask your hair stylist how to take advantage of hair extensions as an alternative to chemical haircolor. Di BIase Hair Extensions USA offers hair extensions that are safe for your health without causing repercussions to the ecosystem.

Vikki Parman, CEO of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA shares, “Hair extensions are the perfect way to help introduce highlights, lowlights, or fantasy colors without any bleach or haircolor chemistry. The fantasy options are a great addition for a fun look during a party or special event. Try one streak or multiple streaks for a fun new look that requires no bleach or harsh chemicals, meaning no damage to the hair. Many teens, athletes and fans of all ages like to have a few streaks of fantasy haircolor to go with their team colors for sporting events, class reunions, to match prom dresses as well as just for fun”.

The Lowdown on Hair Color Dyes: Most people have no idea what ingredients are in their hair dye. what those chemicals can do to their health and the environment. Many look at the box and see a bunch of unpronounceable words. Worse yet, they may ask a hairstylist who noncommittally shrugs. Why chose to ignore products what could damage your health or the future of the ecosystem?

By taking a closer look at common ingredients in hair dyes, you will gain a deeper understanding of why hair extensions are the safer choice when it comes to haircolor. One common component of hair dye is ammonia which is an environmental toxin and highly harmful to aquatic life. The next chemicals that are quite common in dye are benzene, which is extremely toxic to the environment and coal tar. Coal tar is a known carcinogen, highly toxic to the environment and has been banned in several states when used as a pavement sealcoat. Additionally, hair dyes contain lead acetate, which is bad for the environment and can result in lead poisoning. A common compound known as p-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and also referred to as p-Diaminobenzene, oxidation dye, amino dye and paradye, has strong links to cancer and is harmful to the environment, particularly marine life. Used to improve color adhesion and add gloss, is the environmentally toxic toluene which can increase cell mutations and cause cancer in animals. Repeated exposure can cause damage to the central nervous system, liver and kidneys.

Always In Style Haircolor: Creative color is a huge aspect of the most current hairstyle trends and will accent any great haircut. you will always be able to make a big difference in your hair and image with haircolor artistry. An exciting new trend this eyar is haircolor without the use of chemicals. Semi-permanent and temporary hair extensions are among the top choices for haircolor without chemicals. Fantasy haircolor shades have become a bigger trend in the pasty couple of years for fashionable women of all age. Try some of the bold reds and blues to give your hair an edgy appearance or for a softer look, there is an array of pastel options. There are always the more saturated bright haircolor shades that may be added in the salon with bonded, adhesive or clip-in hair extensions!

Parman notes, “Try something different with a few hair extension accent pieces every few months to stay fashionable. Whether you try pink for Valentine’s Day, green for St. Patrick’s Day and for special events, the seasonal opportunities are endless. Wearing colorful salon clip in, adhesive or bonded hair extensions as accents will show off your fashionable opetions, as well as to build your stylish image and self- confidence!

Join the Extended Revolution! Di Biase Hair Extensions USA offers a wide variety of 100% human Remy Hair extensions with bonded, adhesive and clip-in application techniques. To find a salon near you and for more information on Di Biase Hair Extensons USA, Call 248-885-4748 or visit