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Get the Most Out of Washing Your Hair

Everyone wants to have a healthy hair routine and washing your hair correctly is a big part of that. One of the reasons your hair feels so great after a visit to the salon is because the pros know how to wash your hair properly. Because, yes there is a right way to wash your hair! Here are some common mistakes to avoid when washing your hair, so you can get the silky hair of your dreams.

Don’t Shampoo and Condition Your Whole Head

If you’re covering your whole head in shampoo and conditioner then you’re not getting the most out of your shower routine. Washing your hair in sections is the only way to make sure each part of your hair is getting what it needs. Since shampoo is used to clean and cleanse the hair, it only needs to go on your scalp and near your roots where most of the oil and dirt accumulates. As for the conditioner, it’s meant to hydrate and moisturize the drier parts of your hair, such as the midsections and ends.

Don’t Rinse with Hot Water

Everyone loves a hot shower, but the steamy water is doing some damage to your hair. The hot water opens your hair cuticles which will weaken your hair and cause frizz. In addition, if you color your hair or have any type of keratin treatment the hot water will cause it to fade. Instead of hot water, try lukewarm water. And, just before stepping out rinse off with a cool round of water which will shut the cuticle and lock in the moisture!

Don’t Wash Every Day

Most of us know the secret to not wash our hair daily, but less is more here. So, try not to wash every other day even. The professionals say that three times a week should be good for most hair types. If you wash your hair too often, you actually produce more oil. So, let dry shampoo become your new best friend.

Don’t Get to Aggressive With the Scalp

It’s important to massage the shampoo into your scalp to really cleanse your hair but be sure that you don’t scrub too aggressively. Healthy hair starts at your scalp and your hair is weaker when it’s wet, so if you’re too rough you can break and damage your hair at the roots. It can also dry out your scalp and leave it to overproduce oil. A bonus to this, massaging your scalp will boost blood flow and help stimulate hair growth!

Don’t Forget to Brush Before Getting into Shower

We all know to brush our hair after we shower, but what about before? The secret to get the best cleanse is to brush your hair before you wash it. Not only will it detangle your hair ahead of time, but it helps to loosen up the dirt and oil that builds up, which makes it easier to wash out when you’re shampooing.

Don’t Just Pick Any Shampoo

Hair care is similar to skin care, it’s important to identify your hair type and choose the formula that’s best suited for what your hair needs. If your hair is naturally oily, try a purifying shampoo and avoid anything that’s hydrating or moisturizing. If your hair is dry, then hydrating and moisturizing is going to be exactly what you need. Your shampoo can really benefit your hair, so pay attention to what you use.

Don’t Wash Your Conditioner Out Right Away

Shampooing can be a quick massage and rinse, but when it comes to conditioning your hair, you’re going to want to leave it in a little longer to get the full benefit. Don’t condition your roots, always start mid-shaft and work towards the ends of your hair. Timing is the most difficult part here, since you want to leave it on long enough to reap the full benefits of your conditioner but not too long where a residue could build in your hair. The expects recommend 5 minutes, so let your hair condition while you finish up your shower routine and then wash it all out!