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How to Advertise Your Extension Business

The best way to grow your extension business is to look into different ways to advertise yourself. Getting your name out there is the only way to attract new customers. Below are some ideas that will help spread word of your work and attract new customers to you.

  1. Social media is prevalent in today’s society so why not embrace all that it has to offer. It’s almost a necessity in order to show off your extension work and connect with the public. Look into the ads/offers on Facebook or direct channel with potential customers on Twitter.
  2. Get your name out to followers by starting a blog. This will allow you to connect to consumers more directly as well as improving your chances of being found in search engines.
  3. Look into taking advantage of YouTube. It’s a free way to distribute promotional videos where you can get creative and show potential clients your personality.
  4. Be sure to give business cards to customers. This way, if someone they know needs a recommendation or compliments them on their hair, they can easily pass your information on.
  5. Post regularly to your social media accounts in order to get likes and shares. If you use #dibiasehairusa we will feature your work on our own page, allowing it to be shared with even more people.
  6. After an appointment, send a thank you note to your client and ask them to leave you a review. When someone goes to look for a good extensionist, they will see your name with great reviews and then will be more inclined to choose you.