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Hair Extension Myths Revealed

As seen in Estetica Magazine

For years, salon clients have believed in the myth that hair extensions are too pricey, celebrities wear them and only the wealthy can afford the luxury of hair extensions…

Vikki Parman, hair extensionist educator and co-founder of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA addresses how professional hair extensions have evolved and become more economical than most clients believe!

A Thing Of The Past: Believe it or not, clients believed the myth that hair extensions were unaffordable. Years ago, it was true that hair extensions were expensive. Hairstylists used to charge $3,000 to $8,000 for a full head of hair extensions. Hair extensions are now becoming much more common, so the options and prices for hair extension services have dropped. There are more hairdressers that want to learn how to apply hair extensions and there are more professional hair extensions to choose from. As they grow more popular, they have become more competitive, especially with hairstylists vying for new clients. The price for salon hair extensions has been drastically reduced because of the popularity and the budding client race. Currently, a partial head to a full head of hair extensions may only cost a client from $500 to $2000, which is much more affordable for clients on a budget.

Split The Application Process In Two: It is important to remember that as hair extensionists, we are providing a valuable service. Work and communicate with your clients. Find out if they will need a full head of extensions or if they will only need the application on the sides or top of the head.  Hair extensionists can perform a one-half head application and only charge for that half hair extension application. Instead of having your clients pay for a full head extension service all up front, you can add to the volume, length or highlights over several installations. That way, you will also keep them as a happy client by having them return on a regular update basis for your services. Plus, this reduces the sticker shock for the clients when they realize that the payment does not have to be in one large payment.

Single Drawn Versus Double Drawn: Hair extensions are sold by grams and by weight. So, when a hairstylist uses single drawn hair extensions, the client will not be paying as much because there are shorter hairs in the single drawn hair. Your costs can be cut by purchasing the single drawn hair extensions. Single drawn hair extensions are better to wear, easier to blend and they will give the hair proper weight distribution. This type of hair is better for the follicle and is healthier because of its lightweight. Clients will not pay as much as they would with the double drawn extensions, which has a premium cost. The double drawn hair reduces the volume, due to the fact that it is all one length and it is a heavier hair. The double drawn hair extensions may also damage natural hair due to the weight. The single drawn hair is healthier, because of the weight distribution. Lighter hair is what you want in the salon application process.

Esthetically, clients will like the feel of the heavier double drawn hair and think that it looks beautiful. Just by touching their hair, they may not understand what good hair is and what bad hair is. If it feels good right after installation, this does not necessarily mean that it is good hair. They may not understand the science behind it, how the hair is collected and if it is processed correctly. When I teach a class, I educate my hair extensionists to understand what they are buying and how to best use it on each of their clients.

Tape-In Method: A temporary hair extension application is a quick process. For the sticker hair or any tape-in hair, it only takes about an hour for installation plus  the time it takes  to cut and style their hair. This tape-in hair extensions are just as expensive. However, the big benefit is that it can be reused two to three times. The entire application process is fast. Since it does not take very long, you will not need to charge as much money for this service. The tape-in method is not for everyone. Fine and fragile hair should not wear the tape-in hair extensions, because it is a bit heavier and it may apply too much pressure to the follicle, resulting in breaks or damage.

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