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Product Spotlight: Why We LOVE the Di Biase Hot Tool and the Importance of Using It

When applying Di Biase fusion hair extensions, the tools you use to fuse extensions are just as important as the hair that you are applying. Always make sure you are utilizing the Di Biase hot tool, the proper way and don’t use anything not approved on the hair, as it can cause damage to the natural hair. Before application, wash hair twice with a clarifying shampoo and be sure not to use any other products on the hair prior to application.

About the Di Biase Hot Tool:

The Di Biase hot tool is a must have for hairstylists applying fusion hair extensions. Specifically created for Di Biase keratin bonds, our hot tool pliers work by melting the bonds just enough so that they are bendable into a flat position. This unique flat shape is what provides a seamless, virtually undetectable and comfortable bond. The shape and tip of the fliers provides a secure and comfortable application of the extension. No hair extensionists kit is complete without this hot tool!

The hot tool doesn’t get s hot as my straighter iron, other hot tools, etc. Why is that? Shouldn’t it get hotter?

The hot tool is specifically formulated to get to the precise temperature you need to melt the keratin and then shape it into the flat envelope position. Anything hotter and the bonds will be damaged and permanent damage will be done. Anything at too low of a temperature and the bonds will not melt enough to achieve the correct shaping. This is why it’s extremely important to use the correct temperature in applying hair extensions.

How do I buy your hot tool?

There are three ways to purchase your Di Biase Hot Tool and other Di Biase products to begin applying beautiful extensions to your client’s hair. 1) Call your order into (248) 489-8900 2) Email us at or 3) Register at our web store at to purchase extensions, products and other accessories.

If you would like more information about Di Biase, certification classes around the country or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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