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Fifty Shades of Brown Hair Extensions!

Need some inspiration for brown hair looks? Looking to change your hair up for the upcoming Spring months? It’s easy to achieve virtually unlimited looks with Di Biase hair! From filling in a patch in your hair, adding fullness and volume to a short cut, adding low lights, the options are limitless.

Di Biase offers a variety of brown tones that can be added to almost any type of hair your client has. Check out all of the looks below for fresh inspo!


All hair below is done using Di Biase extensions.


Colors of the world... spice up your life! Before and After by Kristin Edens at Lisa Marie's salon in Waterford, MI. #redhairdontcare #spicy #beforeandafter #stylistlife #lisamaries #behindthechair

Spotlight on this fabulous before and after transformation by Suzan from Salon Michelle! #beforeandafter #behindthechair #hairbysueee

Stylist spotlight on these wavy brunette extensions done by @theblondeorchidsalon in Palmetto, FL. Tag #DiBiaseHairUSA to be featured next week! #dibiaseextensions #stylistspotlight #salonhair #extensionhair #dibiasehairusa #hairenvy
Who says you can't have it all?! Length, shine and vibrant color is all possible with Di Biase hair extensions! Look by Nina at @salonbluhair. #salonblu #transformations #lovewhatyoudoThat moment you create something magical using tape-in extensions 😍 Stylist Spotlight on this #regram by @sierrasstyle at Blue Bird Salon. #bluebirdsalon #SLOsalon #hairextensions #extensionlook #lovewhatyoudo #hairgoals
@stevijadehair at @yourhairsalon showing us that extensions aren't all about length - they can be added for thickness and fullness as well! #transformations #dibiasehair #dibiaseextensions #longhair #brunette #stylistspotlight
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2018 Nationwide Di Biase Training Schedule!

Di Biase is excited to announce the 2018 training schedule! Below are all the dates that Di Biase will be in cities nationwide, training stylists to become hair extension experts. Please read below for more information.

About the Classes:

Get fusion application certified and an overview in Tape-In/Sticker and I-Tip extensions. Water tolerant & high quality, Di Biase extensions use a unique flat wrap technique to ensure virtually undetectable, flexible bonds that are exceptional in comfort and durability. The Di Biase Fusion class covers everything you need to know to get started as a fusion hair extenionist from washing, prepping, consultation and pre-cutting, to installation, post cutting and how to market hair extensions for the most profit. This class also goes over the technique for tape-in/sticker and i-tip extensions. Taught by a certified hair extension stylist, you will walk away with all of the skills and knowledge you need to get started with your own hair business.

TIME: 10:00 am-5:00 pm on both Sunday and Monday

LOCATION: TBD. Class Location Will Be Emailed To Registered Students.

Please message, email us at or call us at (248) 489-8900 with any questions or special class dates requests!

About Fusion Extensions:

Fusion hair is applied on a lock by lock basis. Extensions come in packs of 20 locks, with a lock consisting of multiple strands of double drawn hair joined together by a thin keratin bonding strip. The stylist will individually attach each lock to the client’s hair (near the base of the neck) through use of heating pliers (hot tool) applied to the keratin bond. Fusion extensions should last approximately 4-6 months and will eventually need to be replaced as the normal hair grows out.

The research carried out in the laboratory of Di Biase has always been the strong point of Di Biase Hair. Today, Di Biase boasts an innovative element that brings to the forefront the scientific expertise of the research team of the company: from the laboratory of Di Biase Hair comes the line “Hair Waterproof”. A new patented process that allows the bonds to be more tolerant of water from swimming and saunas. All fusion extensions come in 20 bonds per 1 pack of hair.

Fusion hair is available in different lengths: 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch, and 24 inch in straight, wavy and curly.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You may contact Di Biase at (248) 489-8900 or email

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes, you can transfer your ticket to another person as long as they are also a stylist or a student who is studying to become a stylist.

What should I bring to the class?

1. A thin metal tipped rat tail or highlighting comb

2. A dozen each of small and large 1 prong type metal cutting clips

3. Small crafting scissors. (Michael’s & Joanne’s craft shears work great)

4. Cutting comb

5. Flat iron

6. Scissors and razor for cutting hair on mannequin


Nashville, TN – February 11th & 12th – Register

Miami, FL – February 18th & 19th – Register
Austin, TX – February 25th & 26th – Register
Wichita, KS – March 4th & 5th – Register
Salt Lake City, UT – March 11th & 12th  – Register
Tampa, FL – March 25th & 26th – Register
Chicago, IL – April 8th & 9th – Register
Dallas, TX – April 15th & 16th – Register
Long Beach, CA – May 6th & 7th – Register
Anchorage, AK – June 3rd & 4th – Register
Boston, MA – June 10th & 11th – Register
Atlanta, GA – June 24th & 25th – Register
Seattle, WA – July 15th & 16th – Register
San Diego, CA – July 22nd & 23rd – Register
Cleveland, OH – July 29th & July 30th – Register
Charlotte, NC – August 5th & 6th – Register
Portland, OR – August 12th & 13th – Register
Denver, CO – August 19th & 20th – Register
Charleston, SC – August 26th & 27th – Register
New York NY – September 9th & 10th – Register
San Francisco, CA – September 16th & 17th – Register
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5 Tips to Boost Hair Extension Sales

1. Advertise on Your Website

  • Online visibility is everything. Make it easy for clients to find your extension services by creating a dedicated page for your extensions, including before and afters, on your salon website. By doing this, you are separating the extension services, giving it an exclusive feel and drawing more attention to the service. If you don’t know how to build a website, there are lots of helpful sources that make it easy to create and populate a page with relevant content. Sites such as allow anyone to quickly and easily create a website without having any web experience. After you make your website, take it to the next level by adding your social media pages. If you don’t have social media, take a look at the next tip.

2. Utilize Social Media

  • The first thing that people do when they find out about your salon is look you up online, making attractive social media pages critical to promote new business. At a minimum, create a Facebook and Instagram page with your salon logo and contact information so clients can easily locate you and find out what your salon is all about. When you have created this, populate the page with before and afters, videos, client selfies and any other content that showcases the services that you offer.

3. Use Advertising Materials In Or Near Your Salon

  • When you have a client in your chair, use the opportunity to show them how amazing hair extensions can be. Have a brochure or flyer nearby that is easily displayed and can pique the interest of your client without having to do any extra work. Another example would be to have a slideshow or hair extension video playing on salon screens. Displaying signage, banners, posters or flyers in the salon are all great ways to attract those already in or near your salon. If your salon is on a busy street, put something on the windows so that people on foot are immediately attracted to what your salon has to offer. Try utilizing a variety of materials to see what works best for your salon.

Featured image: Gina Ralston at Belleza Salon of O’Fallon MO uses a Di Biase decal on her car to advertise Di Biase extensions on the go! This is a great example of utilizing marketing materials anywhere you are. You can order Di Biase marketing materials by contacting us at

4. Offer Promotions and Discounts

  • Once you have someones interest, draw them in fully by offering an exclusive deal on extensions. Percentage discounts, free products and discounted services are all common discount methods that help to bring clients in. Use specials and discounts to your advantage by advertising them on your website and social media pages and giving people a reason to talk about your salon.

5. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Word-of-Mouth

  • Encourage those who do have extensions to share them with their friends and family. A great way to spread the word is simply to get people talking! Wherever you go and whatever you do, talk about your extensions, especially if you wear them yourself. Hearing and seeing great hair will get others excited about hair extensions and having them want extensions for themselves!

For more information and a more in depth look on how to reach a wider audience, click here to access an article from Di Biase COO, Dale Aho who gives tips on “Making Your Hair Extension Business A Profit Powerhouse.” Have your own tip or something you wanted to share with stylists who are looking to bring in more business? Comment below with what has worked for your salon!

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Making Your Hair Extension Business A Profit Powerhouse

Dale P. Aho, J.D., COO
Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Making Your Hair Extension Business A Profit Powerhouse

The core to hair extension profitability lies in understanding that hair clients are everywhere and they are out there looking for you. They are not in your chair – YET – because you are invisible to them. They don’t see you. If you want to increase your income stream, you have to give them a way to find you.

Hair extension services provide an excellent living for many hair professionals. Being a premium and in demand service, while becoming more mainstream, extensions are an exceptional income generator and a valuable source of new clients. Yet those statements are certainly not true for many other stylists and salons, whose extension services languish, or who choose not to offer them at all. This article is concerned with the “why” and “what” – “why” there are such differences and, more importantly, “what” steps can be taken to jump start an extension business.

As a co-owner of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, I learned early that successful hair extension businesses defy stereotypes. They are found in all kinds of salons and all kinds of demographic regions, including farmlands, inner cities, small cities, and working class neighborhoods, as well as the wealthier districts. They include individual stylists in booth rental arrangements and larger salons with numerous extension specialists. Most notably, the largest salons do not necessarily stand out when it comes to extensions.

In an effort at understanding what distinguishes and elevates some salons, I spent time meeting with stylists and salon owners from around the country – those that do little business and those that are over booked. Not surprisingly, the most common refrain of those that do very little business in extensions is that their clients can’t afford them. Those salons tend to treat extension services as a part of their regular menu of services, as a luxury that most can’t afford. Oftentimes, the salons offer extension services not because they see it as an income producer but more to keep the occasional client who wants extensions from going to another salon. The price of the service is often even discounted to the extent that it becomes unattractive for the stylist to do extensions.

There is a stark contrast when speaking with salon owners and stylists who are successful at extensions. They see extensions as an income leader. These owners and stylists tend to view their extension business through a wide lens. Their approaches and assumptions have common elements, particularly that: 1) new hair extension clients will include but not be limited to their existing clients, and, in fact, the majority of new business will come from the outside; 2) only a relatively few salons will make being visible a priority and, accordingly, there is room to rise above the rest; and 3) hair extension clients will actively seek out a specialist and will often be willing to travel a considerable distance for the service. Importantly, opening up the possible network of new clients also opens up the ability to set prices more fairly for the stylist, as the existing client base isn’t exclusively the target.

The lessons of the more successful extension businesses come down to covering each of the following market segments: 1) the chair; 2) the salon; 3) the neighborhood, or those who pass by the salon; and 4) the region as a whole. Each of these segments is critically important to success.

The chair. Successful extension specialists make sure that every single person who sits in the chair knows the hair stylist is a specialist in extensions. That client, female or male, may not be a candidate but he or she may well know of someone who might be. A focused extensionist will have brochures, mirror clings, testimonials, before and afters, and other materials that are either readily visible or can be handed out. Further, a stylist will encourage those who receive extensions to brag about the services and even offer incentives for referrals.

The salon. Successful extension salons make extension promotion a priority. For instance, they utilize the front desk (where everyone stops) for handouts or brochures, and displaying posters, or, for example, posting a small sign suggesting that clients ask about thinning hair solutions or other extension uses. Literally everyone who walks in the salon should see some prominent reminder of the extension business that is being done within the salon. It is certainly more of a challenge for the stylist who is a booth renter but hopefully the creative stylist can strike a bargain with the salon owner to allow some signage and/or work out deals with the other stylists in the business to encourage referrals. (The extensionist in the salon may be a safer alternative for other stylists than allowing the extension client to go to another salon.)

The neighborhood. The top hair extension salons use signage and other marketing displays to make sure their business in extensions will not be missed by those that pass by. If at all possible, a sign, flag, poster, or some other popular product should be placed prominently on the window front. Looking around at most salons, it is hard to know who does and who does not do extensions. You can distinguish your salon from the rest. With just a little effort, you can become visible to everyone as the stylist in the neighborhood that does extensions. You can gain additional footing by networking, using business cards, offering cross promotions, and similar types of “in person” communications.

The larger market – the region. This is where most salons truly miss out and where the more successful among them gain the greatest advantage. Just consider how few hair extension salons there really are in a particular city or metropolitan region. Within those salons, there are therefore cumulatively many customers who have no alternative but to go elsewhere if they want extensions. Unless they have heard of someone or can get a referral, they will look for someone with an online presence. In terms of promoting yourself online, the easiest method is via the various social media outlets. Clever use of social media costs nothing and it can be fabulously effective. Networking has always been one of the most effective ways to bring in new business. You can gain a reputation by effectively and consistently sending positive messages in a variety of platforms.

The most obvious and yet most underutilized road to extension profitability is through your website. Creating a fabulous extension webpage can pay off many times over in terms of client growth. It is a common thread that I found in separating the most successful salons from all the others who merely “offer” extensions as a service.

To illustrate, in looking for successful hair extension salons, I did what any member of the public might do: I SEARCHED THE INTERNET. I simply typed in the name of a city and combined it with the term “hair extensions.” When I found a list of salons, I then looked for those that had nice sections devoted to extensions and worked forward from those. I pretty much ignored webpages that merely listed hair extensions as one of the regular salon services. Effective webpages had sections with “before and afters,” testimonials, or other attractive images communicating that extensions were a specialty. This is the same path that a prospective extension client might take. Would it lead to your salon?

Beyond the webpage alone, you will be well served by listing yourself as servicing multiple cities, not just relying on your salon address. Web searches are very literal and, unless you specifically name the location, you will likely not be found by anyone searching in a neighboring city. You might try your own experiment on this to see which cities you appear under and which salons appear when doing a search of your own city. Many salons, even individual stylists, find a way to become listed in multiple cities, and specifically describing service locations is one way of doing that. The message in all of this is that hair salons too often treat hair extension services as a niche. They do little to nothing to maximize profitability by increasing visibility. This leaves a huge opening for the more ambitious extension specialist. Those who recognize and seek out that additional business will be the most successful. If you are interested in increasing your profits from doing hair extensions, look at your efforts to make yourself discoverable. Put yourself in a position to be found and the reward will be well worth the effort.

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Product Spotlight: Why We LOVE the Di Biase Hot Tool and the Importance of Using It

When applying Di Biase fusion hair extensions, the tools you use to fuse extensions are just as important as the hair that you are applying. Always make sure you are utilizing the Di Biase hot tool, the proper way and don’t use anything not approved on the hair, as it can cause damage to the natural hair. Before application, wash hair twice with a clarifying shampoo and be sure not to use any other products on the hair prior to application.

About the Di Biase Hot Tool:

The Di Biase hot tool is a must have for hairstylists applying fusion hair extensions. Specifically created for Di Biase keratin bonds, our hot tool pliers work by melting the bonds just enough so that they are bendable into a flat position. This unique flat shape is what provides a seamless, virtually undetectable and comfortable bond. The shape and tip of the fliers provides a secure and comfortable application of the extension. No hair extensionists kit is complete without this hot tool!

The hot tool doesn’t get s hot as my straighter iron, other hot tools, etc. Why is that? Shouldn’t it get hotter?

The hot tool is specifically formulated to get to the precise temperature you need to melt the keratin and then shape it into the flat envelope position. Anything hotter and the bonds will be damaged and permanent damage will be done. Anything at too low of a temperature and the bonds will not melt enough to achieve the correct shaping. This is why it’s extremely important to use the correct temperature in applying hair extensions.

How do I buy your hot tool?

There are three ways to purchase your Di Biase Hot Tool and other Di Biase products to begin applying beautiful extensions to your client’s hair. 1) Call your order into (248) 489-8900 2) Email us at or 3) Register at our web store at to purchase extensions, products and other accessories.

If you would like more information about Di Biase, certification classes around the country or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Check us out on social media:

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube.

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Hints On Growing Your Hair Extension Business

Di Biase Hair Extensions USA is extremely grateful to our clients who have given us their ideas to help their fellow stylists in increasing their hair extension income. We fully appreciate and welcome any and all ideas that you may have to continue adding to this list. All of these were submitted from a variety of hairdressers around the nation and utilize unique marketing strategies to promote their hair extension business. If you have thoughts of your own that you might like to share we would fully appreciate hearing from you. Please email hints or questions to

* If you can, wear your hair extensions as a stylist. Having them in your own hair helps show the client then and there what it’s like to have extensions and builds trust between you and the other person. Try to get others in your salon to wear them and talk about them.

* Work together with other reps of beauty businesses in spreading the word about your business. Examples include Avon, Pure Romance, Mary Kay.

* Throw little meet and greet or demo events to explain how extensions work to others and go over the different types of hair and methods of application. These can also be for other stylist or clients.

* Do small teasers with a fun color or fill-in on the sides of the head to show how extensions help to give fullness as well as length.

* Put extensions in a bartender’s hair and have them show their hair off at work. By doing this, they are creating a conversation starter with the many people that they serve.

*Run colored extensions as a fundraiser. That will help raise money and gain extension awareness.

*Use the Mirror Clings in your salon to introduce extensions to people who might not know what they are yet.

*See if you can display one of the Di Biase posters in your salon. People notice it and may start to ask questions about extensions.

* Offer to put in a couple bonds into someone hair who might have thinning hair, thyroid issues etc. This will give them an idea of how it might be to have more hair and will typically want to try even more afterwards.

* Advertise on the salon social media pages page and post before and afters. Make sure that you include the hashtags #dibiasehairusa or #dibiaseextensions and tag Di Biase so that we may share it with our clients as well.

* Create a sign at the front desk with the following question/concept: “Are you troubled with your thinning hair? Would you love to have long hair and could never get it to the length you want to? Ask Me.”

* Take Di Biase’s advanced class and then become a part of the American Hair Loss Council. Broadcast this to your clients. Contact dermatologists in your area and let them know you can make a difference with some of their clients.

* Ask potential clients to check out the Di Biase website and social media.

* Put a mirror cling in the back window of your car with contact information.

* Have a printout ready for all clients that explain the extension process along with the breakdown of prices. If you are able to explain how extensions work, it is more likely that they will order extensions from you.

* If the stylists that wear extensions at the salon send me two extension clients, I put their extensions in for free the next set. I usually charge them $100-$200. You should never do extensions for free unless you trade services.

* No matter where you are, try to bring up extensions in some way. Show people how passionate you are about your work. This will radiate and others will become interested in looking into transformations for themselves.

* Play a slideshow of your extension work on an iPad at your station every day. This catches not only your client’s eye in my chair but the other stylists’ clients who are walking by my station.

* Work bridal expos and any type of event around the community that women attend. Put extensions in a model while this is going on to show how they work.

* Cross advertise with a boutique or store next-door to the salon in order to promote both of our businesses.

* Take your color ring with you everywhere you go. This way you can do consultations on the spot, no matter where you are.

* Advertise if you have the budget. This can be through magazines, online or any advertising medium that fits your audience.

* Create nice looking brochures and flyers to hand out when people ask about your salon or hair extensions. Hand out your cards stating that you’re a professional extensionist at every opportunity you have.

Many people focus on how to get new clients in for full heads of hair extensions, but it doesn’t have to be where you count on your extension money coming from.

Consider focusing on a much smaller price point, which is a much easier sell. Clients complaining about the thinness of their hair, or the lack of defined layers in their hairstyle are actually prime candidates for hair extensions. The smaller selling price for partial heads is much easier for clients to wrap their head around. When you have a client complain about a hair issue you could fix with extensions, that’s your way in. Follow up with phrases like: have you considered trying hair extensions to solve that? Did you know hair extensions could be used to add thickness without needing to add length? Has anyone ever told you about using hair extensions to fill gap layers on fine hair? Your partial head hair extension clients are actually your best marketing tools since they are the ones who will be referring other people to you.

Whatever method you choose, stay open minded and creating in your marketing strategies. The same thing that worked for one person might not work for another so don’t get discouraged. Most importantly, keep expanding your client base and don’t settle. Good luck to you all!

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Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

Hair Extensions for Thinning Hair

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month and according to the American Hair Loss Association, 40% of people who experience hair loss and thinning hair are women. There are many reasons why hair loss occurs and a variety of ways to go about finding a solution. For women who experience thinning hair but still have at least 3 inches of hair, extensions may be a solution. Many people worry about the damage that hair extensions can have on thinning hair. However, properly applied and cared for extensions will actually grow with your hair as you wait for your natural hair to grow out.

Di Biase bonds are specially formulated to work in unison with our unique flat wrap technique for gentle, comfortable and virtually undetectable bonds. Unlike other hair extension brands, Di Biase bonds are extremely fine, causing less stress on the scalp and preventing damage. Di Biase extensions also weigh less, which prevents pulling. A good hair care regime of thorough, gentle washing with the proper products, brushing and then putting hair into a ponytail or braid at night will make for happy and healthy hair!

Skillful application of fine bonds can completely transform an individual’s attitude and give them back the confidence they want. Below are a couple of common questions that we receive from people looking into hair extensions.

  • Will it hurt or damage my hair?

No, with proper application and home care, Di Biase Hair Extensions will not damage the natural hair. Extensions should absolutely never hurt during or after the application process. Removal and re-application is a painless process.

  • Can you treat it like your own hair?

Yes, however, it is important to remember to take care of extensions carefully. For example, when working shampoo and conditioner into the hair and scalp, please remember to be gentle and work it in more gently than you would regular hair. You may also put heat and style your hair as you normally would, but never put heat directly on the bonds. Also, please avoid putting products with oil close to your scalp. The better that you take care of your extensions, the longer life span that they have.

  • Can you see or feel the extensions?

When properly applied, hair extensions and bonds will not be seen. Only under detailed close-up inspection will the extensions be visible.

If you are looking for extensions for yourself, looking to purchase them for your salon, or would like to become a certified hair extension stylist, please contact us at (248) 489-8900 or

Thinning Hair Collage
Pictured is a client who came in with very fragile and thin hair and was given a complete makeover using Di Biase extensions. She had a patch of thinning hair on top of her scalp, which was filled in with dark extensions and blended in afterwards with a haircut. Top right and bottom right photos are immediately after application.
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Introduction to I-Tips by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA

Introduction to I-tips by Di Biase Hair Extensions USA 

About I-Tips

I-Tip hair extensions, sometimes called micro beads are actual beads that are used to add length and fullness to hair without using any heat or stickers. Suitable for most hair types, i-tips are easily put in and take less than 2.5 hours for a full head of application.

 The Method

I-Tips are applied using tiny beads that are threaded in with the hook for ring device and then flattened with the assembly pliers. Disassembly pliers are required to take extensions out. I-Tips must be slid back up to the scalp as they grow out and last for 3-6 months depending on how well they are taken care of.

Not only are I-Tips easy to apply but a full head of I-Tip hair can be completed in less than 2.5 hours. If you are unfamiliar with I-Tips and would like to try them out, please contact us and reserve your seat for an upcoming certification class.

For more information, to become certified in i-tip extensions, or to find an i-tip certified stylist near you, please contact us at or (248) 489-8900.



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Before/After Photos and a Testimonial From a Very Happy Client

“Last Thursday I got hair extensions put in my hair. I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about getting them. I hear a lot of people say that it’s bad for your hair and it will break off where the extensions go. I am 46 years old and have been going through a lot in the last 2 years. With the loss of my husband and along with the stress, I did not realize how thin I was getting on the top and the sides of my hair. When I got to see the before and after pictures of my hair I just about cried. The difference was just remarkable. I could not believe it, I had hair again!!! The extensions that were put into my hair made me feel young and beautiful and boosted up my confidence. I never thought I would have that feeling again until now. Wow, thank you so very much Vicky and Kelly! You guys did an amazing job on my hair and I don’t know how I could thank you guys enough. The reaction on other peoples faces when they see me, they just cant believe how much it looks so real and they cant even tell that the extensions are in. Thanks a lot for giving me back my confidence and making me feel beautiful again!!!”

This hair extension makeover shows the remarkable difference fusion extensions can make for those suffering with very fine hair or hair loss. In these before and afters, Vikki Humann Parman, co-owner of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, shows how skillful application of fine bonds can completely transform an individual’s image. Color and cut by Kelly D’Ambrosio.


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Increase Your Income Potential By Providing Hair Extension Services

Extend Your Potential Opportunities With Unique Service Advantages!

Professional salon hair extension services are hot and getting even more popular with celebrities as well as every day salon clients! There are often more hair extension companies exhibiting at the professional beauty trade shows across the globe than shampoo and appliance companies. Whereas several five to ten years ago there were only about 25 professional hair extensions companies here in North America, today there are almost 750. There is great and challenging news with this declaration.

Hair extensions are definitely much more main stream popular with women, men and teens to the Hollywood celebrities, beauty pageant contestants and TV news anchors. There are competitive advantages and disadvantages. The good news is that more people are now aware of the benefits of professional salon hair extensions. The downside is that you really must stand out by marketing yourself as a hair extensions expert. It’s time to not only get yourself and your entire team certified on hair extension artistry, you must really learn how to create a terrific marketing, advertising, promotional and PR campaign for this highly profitable and specialty salon service.

Hair Extension Marketing

Hollywood celebrities, musicians, beauty pageant queens and high profile women are definitely helping to make hair extensions the best and hottest new hair fashion trend again this year. Just watch the Red Carpet. You will see them at the Oscars, Emmys, and the MTV Awards as well as on Bachelorette, bachelor Pad and all of the newest reality TV shows. Stars like Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, and others often magically go from smooth and sleek looks to long voluminous looks overnight – while wonderfully taking advantage of today’s hair extension options. You should not be surprised to know that many of the male actors and musicians also now wear hair extensions From all reports and like creative haircolor, this progressive new salon hair service trend will continue for many more years to come. Today, professional hair extension services are being promoted for much more than length. You can help your female and male clients with new volume, texture, highlights, lowlights, multi-dimensional haircolor and even fantasy hair fashion artistry.

Define Your U.S.A. With Professional Hair Extensions: Do you have a salon service that you truly specialize in? Does your salon or day spa have and promote a specialty service? Do you know what your Unique Service Advantages are? Today, there are great salons on virtually every street corner, in every shopping center and mall across the globe. Everyone may be good at haircuts and haircolor, yet now is the time to take advantage of creating a special niche for yourself and your salon with professional salon hair extension services.

The Advantages With Many New Choices: Most salon clients do not really know to ask for a namebrand hair extensions company, service or products. Some of the very best known professional hair extension companies include Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, Ultratress, Balmain, Cinderella, Hairlocs, Hairdreams, Great Lengths, HairUWear, SO.CAP. Euro, SO.CAP. Original, Klix, La Bella, Donna Bella Milan, Dream Catchers and the list goes on. You need to analyze the unique quality and benefits of each hair extensions’ brand, before you will be able to effectively market your specialty hair extension services and products. They really are not all the same! If you do not currently offer hair extensions in your salon, take the time to investigate these companies, while researching what comprehensive marketing, advertising and PR support they may be able to share with you. If you already do have hair extension services in your salon, make sure that your manufacturer and distributors are supporting you with both national and localized education as well as marketing programs.

Hair Extension Techniques ~ Clip On, Sticker & Fusion Bonds: You need to learn about all of the best hair extension application techniques and variables available, so that you may properly educate each of your clients. With all of the recent national media attention, most every woman understands clip on and adhesive hair pieces as well as the bonded hair extensions today. They are easy, inexpensive and temporary solutions with extremely competitive pricing. Many clients buy these synthetic hair clip-ons at their local drug stores, beauty stores and discounts stores, so you should not want to compete at that type of lower quality discount retail level.

Your hair extension consultations should begin with an explanation of the differences between clip-on, bonded and adhesive sticker techniques as well as the various warm and cold fusion hair extension bonding techniques. There are certainly plenty of options with synthetic versus human hair qualities as well as with a variety of hair extension equipment and bonding techniques. It usually stands to reason that the more expensive the equipment investment, the better quality the hair and equipment are. For example, Di Biase Hair Extensions USA offers very exciting warm and cold fusion techniques. Cold fusion bonding machines specially apply energy that softens the 100% keratin bond, forming a strong, invisible and long-lasting hold. This occurs without using any heat, which is often the preferred method for attaching hair extensions to thin, colored or chemically treated hair. It’s safe to the hair and scalp of your client, while also safe for you and your fingers. The bonds are stronger and the service is heat free.

Education & Certification: Vikki Parman, CEO of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, notes, “You really must take the time to become certified, so that you will be able to effectively perform and style your hair extension services while also learning how to best market them. Most professional hair extension companies offer one and two day certification classes as well as refresher and advanced workshop options. To be successful, you really must invest some of your time to educate yourselves and your clients. While researching the best available hands-on workshops, review each company’s website, background and media credentials. If you are already certified, you still really need to research reciprocity options, so that you will truly understand all of the products, techniques, advantages, benefits and options – if and when you determine to switch hair extension companies.”

Hair Extension Marketing Basics: It’s time to become respected as one of `THE top hair extensionists’ in your town, through a well supported marketing, advertising and PR campaign. If you already offer professional salon hair extensions, you now need to ensure that your local community knows this. Properly marketed, hair extension artistry will definitely make you and your salon highly respected. It will enhance staff and client recruitment. It will also make you much more profitable. You will need to create an annual hair extension marketing plan that is complete with advertising, promotions, printed merchandising materials, special events and media relations.

Hair Extension Brochures & Service Menus: Besides your traditional salon service menu, you should add one full section on your professional hair extensions. Like specialty haircolor services, consider creating a separate menu dedicated to your professional hair extension services and expertise. This menu should explain the many benefits, options and variables with your professional salon hair extensions. It should explain what to ask for, what to expect and how your client’s should take care of their new hair extensions at home between salon visits. Show off some of your best before and after hair extension makeover photographs.

Service & Pricing Strategies: There really are so many variable options to consider, when consulting with your clients. You may want to start with a portion of their heads while adding multi-dimensional haircolor highlight or lowlight accents. We recommend that you do not try to ‘sell’ hair extensions to someone. Take your time by analyzing all of each client’s personal needs and haircare desires during your preliminary haircare consultations. Determine their current haircare challenges. Offer customized hair extensions as the perfect solution to their personal hair challenges, whether it is for length, volume, texture, body or highlights. For example, if they want permanent haircolor and highlights, yet do not want bleach you can safely add multi-dimensional haircolor with hair extensions. If they have short hair, yet need long hair for a special event, prom or their wedding, you will still have the solution.

Do not worry about anyone else’s hair extension service prices. You should price your hair extension services in a competitive manner like you do for your haircuts and haircolor. By being competitive, you should offer a premier price, if you are one of the best or only hair extensionists in town. You really do not need to offer low prices or discounts with hair extensions. Do not try to undercut anyone else. You really need to value your premier hair extension products, your time and to respect your own talents.

Today, a full head of professionally bonded human hair extensions by a salon professional may be offered at anywhere from $1200 to $5500+ across North America. The reality is that an average full head of salon facilitated hair extensions today should sell between no less than $1500 to about $2000. Many salons are currently at the $1500 to $2000 price. $800 to $1000 is really much too cheap, when you consider the actual costs of the hair, the required equipment, educational certifications, inventory, your personal artistry, marketing support programs and most importantly the value of your time. There are many top hair designers that sell their haircuts at $65 to $85, haircolor highlights at $150 to $250 and their hair extensions at $2000 to $3500+. Today, many professional salon hair extensionists make well over $100,000 to $200,000 by specializing in this popular service. The choice is yours! Do you want to be respected as one of the best experts at hair extensions … or just another hairstylist who occasionally offers this as an extra service. Make a statement!

We strongly suggest that you promote your hair extension services at full price. If desired, you may want to offer a $100 or $200 gift certificate discount towards any new first-time full head of hair extensions. You can also offer a ‘Gift With Purchase’ by offering a large gift of professional home haircare products, tools and special hair extension safe hairbrushes with any full head of hair extensions. Cross market a discount on your hair extensions with gift card sales for other salon and spa services.