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Hair Breakage? Read About An Untapped Solution For African American Hair

It’s not uncommon for women to experience breakage caused by wearing weaves. However, when Deborah J. Smith discovered that hair extensions were an option for her, she wanted to investigate if this was truly an answer to her prayers. Deborah is a Gifted Medium/Psychic, Shamanic Intuitive, Ordained Minister and Pranic Healer whose busy schedule frequently takes her all around the world. Feeling situations and people out is her specialty, so when she took the path of Di Biase, she trusted that her gut steered her the right way. Because Deborah is always on the go, she wanted something that could be easily managed but also look incredible at the same time. Why hair extensions over a weave? Read her story below and see why she decided to go down an nontraditional path for an out of this world solution.


Before Extensions

What is your natural hair texture?

Naturally, my hair is very kinky, extremely curly and thick.


How did your hair feel before extensions vs. after extensions?

Before I wore hair extensions, my hair would always be damaged from wearing weaves.  It would be thinning and breaking off constantly! Now, my scalp can breathe and it’s not “tight” feeling anymore.

How long have you been getting extensions for?

For about a year now, I’ve used both tape-in and fusion hair extensions.

Why do you prefer having fusions extensions in over a traditional weave?

The best part about having extensions is that they are extremely breathable and versatile, so I can put my hair into different hairstyles. I can do a ponytail, part it, wear it up, swim in it, sleep comfortably and wash it like normal. Because extensions lay flat, they’re not noticeable to anyone. The extensions seem to last longer and I can use the products I need without worrying that they will get damaged. Not only that but the extensions hold product longer. It’s like having my own hair without having it tightly braided to my head!

After Di Biase extensions

No matter what the quality of the hair in a weave, it always felt stiff, like having a helmet on your head, which was horrible during the sweltering summer months. You feel the stiffness all throughout your hair, not just your scalp so having extensions makes a world of difference.

How does having the extensions make you feel?

Hair extensions make me feel a lot sexier. When anyone touches my hair, they can’t feel the extensions so I can be confident anywhere I go.

What would you say to African American women considering extensions?

I would absolutely recommend for all women to give extensions a try. There is a fear that it’s just for white women and African American women think that it wouldn’t hold to their hair when it’s actually an ideal solution for a problem many of us have.

In reality, extensions are much more comfortable and last much longer than weaves. Because I travel, I don’t have to worry about continual maintenance and can wash and style like normal. You can do so many different things with extensions from wearing it wavy to straight and everything in between. So it’s definitely something that all women need to try!