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Fifty Shades of Brown Hair Extensions!

Need some inspiration for brown hair looks? Looking to change your hair up for the upcoming Spring months? It’s easy to achieve virtually unlimited looks with Di Biase hair! From filling in a patch in your hair, adding fullness and volume to a short cut, adding low lights, the options are limitless.

Di Biase offers a variety of brown tones that can be added to almost any type of hair your client has. Check out all of the looks below for fresh inspo!


All hair below is done using Di Biase extensions.


Colors of the world... spice up your life! Before and After by Kristin Edens at Lisa Marie's salon in Waterford, MI. #redhairdontcare #spicy #beforeandafter #stylistlife #lisamaries #behindthechair

Spotlight on this fabulous before and after transformation by Suzan from Salon Michelle! #beforeandafter #behindthechair #hairbysueee

Stylist spotlight on these wavy brunette extensions done by @theblondeorchidsalon in Palmetto, FL. Tag #DiBiaseHairUSA to be featured next week! #dibiaseextensions #stylistspotlight #salonhair #extensionhair #dibiasehairusa #hairenvy
Who says you can't have it all?! Length, shine and vibrant color is all possible with Di Biase hair extensions! Look by Nina at @salonbluhair. #salonblu #transformations #lovewhatyoudoThat moment you create something magical using tape-in extensions 😍 Stylist Spotlight on this #regram by @sierrasstyle at Blue Bird Salon. #bluebirdsalon #SLOsalon #hairextensions #extensionlook #lovewhatyoudo #hairgoals
@stevijadehair at @yourhairsalon showing us that extensions aren't all about length - they can be added for thickness and fullness as well! #transformations #dibiasehair #dibiaseextensions #longhair #brunette #stylistspotlight
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Stylist Feature: Marie Arsenault at A Little Hair Salon

Marie Arsenault Di Biase Transformation

One of my clients, Sue, was with her friend one night when they had one too many drinks and decided it would be a good idea to cut her hair. Well 5 uneven inches later, Sue had a cheekbone length bob! Sue walked into my salon as a new client and was completely mortified about her hair. That’s when I suggested Di Biase hair extensions. I knew that they would allow her to have long hair again and help her feel much better. We made the appointment, and the rest is history. After that, there was no more haircuts from the “friend” and she has her length back. The following is an after picture of Sue’s hair.

Thank you to Di Biase for giving me the tools and education to help Sue feel more confident!

Marie at A Little Hair Salon

Contact Information: A Little Hair Salon, 173 Pleasant St. Leicester, MA 01524

Phone Number: 508 615 5137

Have your own transformation story to submit? We’d love to hear from you! Email us your story along with your contact details, social media pages and pictures or videos to go along with your transformation in order for a chance to be featured on our blog and social media. Hope to hear from you soon!

Story submitted by Stylist Marie Arsenault of A Little Hair Salon in Leicester, MA.


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Hair Breakage? Read About An Untapped Solution For African American Hair

It’s not uncommon for women to experience breakage caused by wearing weaves. However, when Deborah J. Smith discovered that hair extensions were an option for her, she wanted to investigate if this was truly an answer to her prayers. Deborah is a Gifted Medium/Psychic, Shamanic Intuitive, Ordained Minister and Pranic Healer whose busy schedule frequently takes her all around the world. Feeling situations and people out is her specialty, so when she took the path of Di Biase, she trusted that her gut steered her the right way. Because Deborah is always on the go, she wanted something that could be easily managed but also look incredible at the same time. Why hair extensions over a weave? Read her story below and see why she decided to go down an nontraditional path for an out of this world solution.


Before Extensions

What is your natural hair texture?

Naturally, my hair is very kinky, extremely curly and thick.


How did your hair feel before extensions vs. after extensions?

Before I wore hair extensions, my hair would always be damaged from wearing weaves.  It would be thinning and breaking off constantly! Now, my scalp can breathe and it’s not “tight” feeling anymore.

How long have you been getting extensions for?

For about a year now, I’ve used both tape-in and fusion hair extensions.

Why do you prefer having fusions extensions in over a traditional weave?

The best part about having extensions is that they are extremely breathable and versatile, so I can put my hair into different hairstyles. I can do a ponytail, part it, wear it up, swim in it, sleep comfortably and wash it like normal. Because extensions lay flat, they’re not noticeable to anyone. The extensions seem to last longer and I can use the products I need without worrying that they will get damaged. Not only that but the extensions hold product longer. It’s like having my own hair without having it tightly braided to my head!

After Di Biase extensions

No matter what the quality of the hair in a weave, it always felt stiff, like having a helmet on your head, which was horrible during the sweltering summer months. You feel the stiffness all throughout your hair, not just your scalp so having extensions makes a world of difference.

How does having the extensions make you feel?

Hair extensions make me feel a lot sexier. When anyone touches my hair, they can’t feel the extensions so I can be confident anywhere I go.

What would you say to African American women considering extensions?

I would absolutely recommend for all women to give extensions a try. There is a fear that it’s just for white women and African American women think that it wouldn’t hold to their hair when it’s actually an ideal solution for a problem many of us have.

In reality, extensions are much more comfortable and last much longer than weaves. Because I travel, I don’t have to worry about continual maintenance and can wash and style like normal. You can do so many different things with extensions from wearing it wavy to straight and everything in between. So it’s definitely something that all women need to try!

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A Two-Toned Complete Transformation!

Stylist Name: Lola Hondl

City: Los Angeles, California

Find her on Instagram at @hairmakeuplola and on Facebook as Hair.Makeup.Lola.

When utilizing hair extensions in your chair, it’s important to remember just how creative you can get with a variety of styles. Because stylists can treat it almost like they would regular hair, virtually any look is possible. We took a moment to ask Lola Hondl what inspired this two-tone look and what exactly she did to make it possible. Read below to find out how she did it!

About Lola:

Lola is a freelance colorist, extensionist and makeup artist who has a passion for the professional beauty industry, having done hair and creative colors since she was a teenager. Her favorite looks include rainbow hair, extensions and SPFX makeup. Lola says, “I want to do extensions all day every day!  Di Biase is definitely the best it’s all I use!! The hair is so soft and shiny and the company itself has great service and ethics. The way they make their fusion and tapes is so advanced and completely non-damaging to the hair, which is a priority for me. My personal preference is the tape ins. They are so easy to apply and remove and have great coverage!”


How did you achieve this look for your client? The two toned look I did on my client was for her birthday, she wanted long beautiful hair! I custom colored her extensions to match her color, which I did as well. I used Goldwell for the deep purple and Pulp Riot for the lavender. Purple is her favorite color and I love the light to dark contrasts in hair. After finishing her color and having a clean dry canvas, I started with ten pieces of 20″ tapes, working my way up the head into 60 pieces of 20″ fusion hair. The entire process took about 5 hours and she was absolutely ecstatic with the final look, as was I!

What advice do you have to other hairstylists?
My best advice to other stylists is to believe in yourself!! Never be afraid to put yourself out there. Have a great support system and don’t get involved with negative people. Sometimes that means letting someone go. Find what it is in this industry that you love to do and run with it and be kind to everyone! You never know who is gonna be the person who makes your dreams come true!!

For Di Biase sticker hair, click here. For Di Biase fusion hair, click here.

Check out the entire transformation below:

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Live Life to the Fullest with Di Biase Hair Extensions

Danielle Natoni Collage

Live Life to the Fullest with Di Biase Hair Extensions

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a physically active lifestyle while maintaining hair extensions? Or whether your natural hair will continue growing or get damaged if you have hair extensions? Danielle Natoni demonstrates how Di Biase hair extensions seamlessly blend into her physically challenging workouts and daily routines. Check out this fitness powerhouse who brings the fire in her exercises while maintaining her fabulous Di Biase hair extensions yet is able to experience natural and healthy hair growth throughout. Hair is done by hairstylist Benjamin Hudgins.

Durable Enough For Tough Workouts

Danielle Natoni aka Fit & Funky is a format expert for Beach Body, a cast member of Asylum Volume 2 and INSANITY Master Trainer among many other impressive titles in the fitness community. Despite having a busy and exercise-focused lifestyle, Danielle is able to easily maintain her hair in between workouts while simultaneously growing out her natural hair. If anyone puts our extensions to the test, it is Danielle! With daily vigorous exercise and long busy days, our durable extensions are put through the ringer and stand up to challenging workouts.


Danielle raves, “When people ask you daily what you did to get your hair to grow so quickly, you know your extensions look real! I could not be happier with my Di Biase extensions. I am in the fitness industry and wear my hair up and down, and workout and sweat daily, and yet my hair looks picture perfect no matter what!” 

See Natural Hair Growth with Di Biase Extensions

The pictures above show Danielle’s transformation by talented stylist Benjamin Hudgins. The first picture is Danielle’s hair without any extensions back in January 2016. She then had her first application of extensions. The second picture is from April 2016 after the first removal of extensions, before the next set went in. You can already tell that the hair is growing while the extensions were in Danielle’s hair. The last picture is from August 2016 and as you can tell, the hair is still healthy, strong and growing long!

How It Works

Because our extension bonds are extremely fine and light, they allow for regular hair growth. Hair is bonded near the root using keratin that makes it easy for hair to twist, turn and follow its natural growth pattern. The combination of flat and fine bonds prevents any unnatural pulling. It is important to remember that a proper hair care regime is crucial in the hair growing process. Extensions require daily maintenance of brushing, gliding fingers through hair and avoiding heat on the bonds or any products heavy in oil, especially near the scalp. With proper care, clients can use extensions while hair grows out naturally until they get the length they are looking for.


For more information about our extensions or to find a certified stylist in your area, please contact us at (248) 489-8900 or

Danielle Natoni:

Hairstylist Ben Hudgins:

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Before/After Photos and a Testimonial From a Very Happy Client

“Last Thursday I got hair extensions put in my hair. I’m not going to lie, I was really nervous about getting them. I hear a lot of people say that it’s bad for your hair and it will break off where the extensions go. I am 46 years old and have been going through a lot in the last 2 years. With the loss of my husband and along with the stress, I did not realize how thin I was getting on the top and the sides of my hair. When I got to see the before and after pictures of my hair I just about cried. The difference was just remarkable. I could not believe it, I had hair again!!! The extensions that were put into my hair made me feel young and beautiful and boosted up my confidence. I never thought I would have that feeling again until now. Wow, thank you so very much Vicky and Kelly! You guys did an amazing job on my hair and I don’t know how I could thank you guys enough. The reaction on other peoples faces when they see me, they just cant believe how much it looks so real and they cant even tell that the extensions are in. Thanks a lot for giving me back my confidence and making me feel beautiful again!!!”

This hair extension makeover shows the remarkable difference fusion extensions can make for those suffering with very fine hair or hair loss. In these before and afters, Vikki Humann Parman, co-owner of Di Biase Hair Extensions USA, shows how skillful application of fine bonds can completely transform an individual’s image. Color and cut by Kelly D’Ambrosio.